August 21, 2018

Larson | T W E L V E M O N T H S

TWELVE Months Old
Miss Larson went to Okoboji for the first time this month! She got to go swimming at her new cabin in Duncan and started back up at daycare when Mom went back to work after summer break. She makes her surprised face alllll the time and we just can't get enough of it. She waves and giggles when she sees people. This month, she started walking out of nowhere and now is quick to move all over the house! She still has zero teeth, eats everything we eat, and the only food she has disliked so far is coleslaw! (I feel ya, girl!)

Walking! She's so proud of herself.
Word Party show on Netflix
Chasing Perry the cat everywhere
The dishwasher
Crawling off the couch

Doesn't Like:
Sitting still
Being told no
When we take away the dog water bowl

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