July 24, 2018

Larson's Nursery

It's only been almost 11 months since little Larson made her debut into the world and her room is kiinnnddaa finished.

I had some questions about what it looks like after posting a photo on instagram of Adam reading to her in here ohhh probably 5 months ago (oops!), so I thought I'd share! We were working with a super tiny space here, so finding furniture was a struggle. Everything we found was just so large and we didn't want the space to feel smaller than it already was.

Since we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, we wanted to go gender neutral but we did NOT want green or yellow like all "gender neutral" things are.

Once we found out she was a girl, we knew we wanted animals but wanted them to have a little girly twist. I bought these animal prints as a digital file online here. Originally I was going to hang all six in the same size in two rows of three. Since there isn't much space in here, I wouldn't have had any room for anything else so I changed my mind and printed them in different sizes! These shelves from Ikea are my go to in a lot of rooms of our house. I love that we can put whatever we want on them and change the stuff out whenever we want a change.

The rest of the stuff is just a random collection of things I found!

Deer Head: Target
Plants: Ikea
Turquoise frame: Hobby Lobby
Deer Antler: Courtesy of her Grandpa Bouc
Pineapple sign: Hobby Lobby
Gold frames: Home Goods
Frames in various sizes for animal prints: Walmart
She Persisted Book: Barnes and Noble  <--- Get this if you are having a girl!

Larson's Aunt Tiffany MADE this fantastic mobile. She LOVES it. When she was little little, she would just stare at it when she woke up and we wouldn't even know she was awake! Now she makes us lean her over to touch a flower so gently when she wakes up.

I made the chalkboard and wrote her name. I saw this quote one time and fell in love with it, so I made a print for it and found the frame at Hobby Lobby. Life hack, did you know if a frame has any "scuff" marks on it, they will give it to you for a giant discount? This one had marks on the very top ledge from sitting and sliding on the shelf. They weren't a big deal and I was going to get it anyway. It was the last one so when I went to buy it I just asked if they had anymore, and they gave it to me for $3!

Larson's Aunt Cody made this for Larson for her Easter basket this year. Now we use it to hold all of her shoes!

We went shopping for a big comfy chair at Nebraska Furniture Mart and found this one that is amazing on crazy clearance but I hated the color. Turns out comfort matters much more than color on this guy, because it's fantastic! My biggest problem when she was a newborn was how NOT to fall asleep in it for 3+ hours in the middle of the night when it was time for her next feeding! 

This little side table was in the "Spring" section at Hobby Lobby last year which means it's in perfect shape and I got it for 70% off! Curtains are ollllddd from Shopko. The lamp and the white blanket (a Bliss Photo staple for ALL of my newborns) are from Target. I don't remember where the pillows are from! Dog not available in stores.

We ended up with this cool dresser that was a little different than what we were looking for at Nebraska Furniture Mart. It has super deep drawers which is really helpful since her closet is so small. The letterboard is from her Aunt Brittne as a shower gift, we use it for each of her monthly photos! The red polka dot changing pad cover is from here and it is the BEST quality!

Don't mind those handprints on the mirror. It's Larson's favorite toy and I am never cleaning off those tiny baby fingerprints! :)

And just one of this cutie girl in her room!

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