July 21, 2018

Larson | E L E V E N M O N T H S

ELEVEN Months Old
This month Larson went to Columbus for two overnight stays, went on her first 4 wheeler ride and loved it! She went to a baby shower for her new 2nd cousin. She celebrated her first 4th of July and went swimming at her Great Grandma Brazee's pool in Clarks. She went to lots of Farmer's Markets, pools, and lakes! She waves at every single person she sees which means it takes us forever to get anywhere because people always want to stop and talk to her. 

20 pounds 0 ounces
28 inches

Black olives
Crawling over you when you're laying on the ground
Throwing things on the ground and leaning her over so she can pick them up
Being picked up out of her crib and leaning back over to get her blanket
Her dogs
Making the surprised face and saying "ooooohhhhhh"
Standing at the windows
Taking steps between people
Being tickled

Doesn't Like:
Getting her diaper changed
Being strapped into her car seat
Being taken out of her high chair - this girl ALWAYS wants more food

This face 24/7. It's my favorite thing ever.

I moved her and she didn't like that! Hah! 

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