June 21, 2018

Larson | T E N M O N T H S

TEN Months Old
This month Larson has grown SO much! She is signing "more" every time she eats and just starting signing "please" and "all done." She waves to everyone she sees, is babbling like crazy, and starting to imitate all things we are doing! She did lots of swimming this month and went to some swimming lessons. We did lots of Farmer's Market visiting and Larson got to go to Memorial Stadium on the field! She went to the Henry Doorly Zoo, Lost in Fun, and the Children's Museum!

20 pounds 2 ounces
27 1/4 inches

Hugging stuffed animals
Giving out kisses
Waving to everyone
Getting in the dog water bowl
Blueberries/Pasta/Granola Bars

Doesn't Like:
Getting her diaper changed
When we don't put food on her highchair tray fast enough
Getting her nose wiped

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