May 21, 2018

Larson | N I N E M O N T H S

NINE Months Old
This month Larson continued to crawl like crazy all over the house! She loves to speed crawl to the dog food bowls and try to get their water dish and spill it all over herself any chance she gets! She got to visit Colorado and the mountains. We went on a hike and tried lots of new places! Larson helped her Mama celebrate her first Mother's Day. She spends mornings in bed with mom and dad after she wakes up in her crib and it's our favorite time of day!

19 pounds 8 ounces
27 1/4 inches

The Office theme song
The clicking noise of the Roku remote
The dog water bowl
Zippers and buttons
Trying to eat dog food
Kissing her dogs
Doing gymnastics/yoga/planking

Doesn't Like:
When we put the dog water bowl up
Being stopped from crawling somewhere

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