April 21, 2018

Larson | E I G H T M O N T H S

EIGHT Months Old
Miss Larson girl...you had the biggest month yet! Larson celebrated her first Easter and while back in Columbus, she started crawling all over the place. She started clapping and signing for "more." Larson went in a swing at the playground for the first time and went crazy when she saw bubbles. Larson eats all kinds of foods and likes to yell at us when we don't give it to her fast enough! She says "baba," "dada," "mama," and "papa." Larson has started to scream like she's on fire every time we set her down, so that's been super fun!

18 pounds 9 ounces
25 1/4 inches

Crawling alllllll over the house
Yelling bababababa
Logos on clothes
Walks in her stroller
Playing with the dog food bowls
Kissing the mirror

Doesn't Like:
Being set down
Not getting food fast enough
Going to bed
The sun in her eyes
Laying down on her changing table

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