February 18, 2018

Great Wolf Lodge

Instead of presents this year for Christmas for my family, we did a trip! We got to cash in on this last week with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.

It was Larson girls first trip out of the state and seeing water and she loved it!

We started out the trip with a low tire, so we were going to get it changed when we got there, but we decided to stop in Nebraska City and get it changed instead because it was losing air fast!

We ended up on our own adventure here at a tiny, local tire shop and getting all 4 tires changed! We spent about 2 hours here chatting with this man who had been there for 45 years!

All of the kids adults had a blast! We cracked up when we were all getting ready to head up to our room to eat lunch and my niece said, "We can't leave yet, my parents aren't ready yet!" while they were up on one of the slides!

It was the perfect place for a bunch of kids at different ages. There is always something to do!

I was awful at getting pictures of all of us, but enjoy some :)


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