January 21, 2018

Larson | F I V E M O N T H S

FIVE Months Old
Larson girl had a big month! You celebrated your first Christmas and your first snow. You tried rice cereal and sweet potatoes for the first time! You started laughing all the time and love to fake cough. You ended your sleep regression and only wake at 5am (then you fall asleep while eating and sleep until we wake you up to leave for the day)! You really love to hear your own voice (wonder which parent you got that from...) and you're screaming and yelling all the time.

16 pounds 12 ounces
26 inches

Her bouncer
Grabbing her toes
To lay down and kick her legs
Hearing her own voice

Doesn't Like:
Waiting to eat (Seems to be a trend...)
Staying up past her bedtime (7:30pm)
Switching sides when nursing
When we roll her from her belly to her back

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