January 22, 2018

Help Me Remember

This girl is growing so very fast, and I feel like it is just flying by quicker than I can take it in. I want to remember everything and never forget any of her little details and every stage of life.

Please help me remember all the parts of her. The way her little body fits perfectly into the curve of my arm while I rock her to sleep in her room. The way she lets out a big sigh when she gets comfortable. I want to remember the way she wakes up in the morning and coos and talks to herself until we go in. When we say "good morning," she kicks and wiggles and smiles like she's just so happy to see us. I even want to remember the middle of the night feeds when I fall asleep with my neck contorted all kinds of ways and wake up looking down at her sleeping so soundly in my arms.

Don't let me forget her chubby little hands and fingers, and of course those little knuckle dimples that I love so much. I want to remember every part of her grabbing both sides of my face and smiling, and the way she clutches onto my shirt while I'm carrying her around. I even want to remember the new thing she learned while she pinches every part of me that she can reach while she eats.

I want to remember those thighs. Those chubby, squishy, baby thighs and how much she loves to gnaw on her toes every chance she gets. Those same thighs help her jump like a wild woman in her bouncer while she screams just to hear her own voice.

I don't ever want to forget the way she catches her reflection in the mirror and grins so wide as she makes faces at herself. There's a tiny, little handprint on the mirror in her room that I don't ever want to wipe off from her trying to touch the face of the baby staring back at her.

Don't let me forget the way her dad says "baby love" when he gets home and how her eyes widen until she catches sight of him and gives him the biggest smile ever. Or how she watches her pups walk by and grabs the hair on their faces with both hands and the tightest grip.

I don't even want to forget her cry, (even the very dramatic one that she lets out when she just wants to hear herself) because it reminds me that I was able to comfort her and give her what she needs.

Don't let me forget those unbelievably kissable lips and all of the new noises she learns to make with them every day. Plus, those cheeks!

Help me remember how much she loves to rub blankets on her face when she's tired and how she grunts louder and louder as she falls asleep.

I want to remember these new giggles she's learning and how it's the sweetest sound we've ever heard in our lives. Also how when she smiles, it's with her whole face and her eyes!

Please don't ever let me forget all the times we have with her. All of the smiles and cries, all of the laughs and new things she learns. It's so easy to forget things as she grows and in this season of parenting, your mind is always on overdrive. On the days when I don't even feel like I have time to think, I want to think about every little part of her. This little lover girl of ours who has made life so much better!

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