December 21, 2017

Larson | F O U R M O N T H S

FOUR Months Old
This month Larson got to celebrate Thanksgiving and be passed around by lots of family! She's started to fall into a routine and she get's really mad if she's stayed up past her bedtime! She loves splashing in the bathtub and grabbing her pups faces and tails. Anytime her Dad talks, her eyes get wide and she always grabs onto his beard! She can almost reach the ground in her bouncer, but for now she is propped up on some books and bounce like crazy!

14 pounds 7.5 ounces
25 inches

Daycare friends
Rolling over
When people sing to her
Her bouncer
Kicking in the bathtub

Doesn't Like:
Waiting to eat
When her stocking cap falls over her eyes
Staying up past her bedtime (7:30pm)

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