October 21, 2017

Larson | T W O M O N T H S

Two Months Old
This month Larson still went on walks every morning with Mom until she went back to work, gets to stay home with Dad every day for a couple weeks, went to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Larson was in her Aunt Kelli's wedding and had her first overnight stay in Columbus. She is gaining a ton of weight, has a giant noggin, and slept for 7 hours the other night!

10 pounds 13 ounces
23 inches

The color green
Being outside
Watching the tv (especially the blue screen on Jeopardy)
Kicking in the bath tub
Sucking on her hands
The mobile on her swing

Doesn't Like:
When Dad has to thaw out milk when she's hungry
Shots :(
Being left alone in a room
Waiting to eat
Spitting up

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