September 12, 2017


On Sunday, August 20th we were supposed to be induced at 8pm. Contractions ended up starting on their own around 1pm and we headed into the hospital. They broke my water and things progressed VERY quickly! After about 10 hours of labor and pushing we got to meet Baby Bouc!

Welcoming our GIRL!

Larson Lane Bouc
August 21, 2017
6:09 AM
6 pounds 10 ounces
20 inches

We were so surprised she was so tiny as we were just expecting a bigger baby! She has some red hair like her Mom and at this point looks just like her Dad. She fit into nothing we took to the hospital and swam in all the clothes we had at home for her! 

If you have ever thought about birth photos...please do them. Looking through these I am overcome with so many emotions and love. Getting these photos is something that I knew I wanted before we were even pregnant and Adam gladly agreed. There are so many things happening at once and it's so amazing to have every moment captured. Whitney killed it with these!

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