September 17, 2017

Going Home!

There's something funny that happens when we were ready to leave the hospital with your brand new first baby.

You're sitting in bed in the hospital room and they tell you that you can start packing up to leave and you're so excited! You want to put your baby in their "going home outfit" (that doesn't fit because she's too tiny) and you picture getting home and all the things you and your husband have been waiting for! Your super proud husband carries the carseat down the hallway (and your heart bursts)!

Your nurse walks you down to your car and you put the carseat in and say your "thank you's" and then you drive away....

And suddenly you're hit with a feeling kinda like "OMG they let us take a baby home?!"

Don't worry, we didn't forget every single thing we knew about babies (which I felt would happen) and all was well when Larson met her fur sisters and brother! She got her tour of her home and then promptly pooped all over her outfit - good thing it wasn't a special "going home" outfit after all!

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