March 26, 2017

Vinny | March 2017

This is a MAJOR overshare because I can't even narrow down these sweet photos of Mr. Vinny. He was wide awake when I got there, and I knew I could get him to close those eyes. His parents were amazed!

Marty | March 2017

Marty was seriously hilarious eating his cake! Cake smashes are something I've never loved, but they are starting to become some of my favorite types of sessions. He was so curious and just ate it all right up!

Jeremiah | March 2017

Jeremiah was such an easy little subject! His big brother was excited to take part and wanted to be a huge help!

Karter | March 2017

I've known sweet Karter's mama since about 6th grade. He is SO loved and his dad is so happy he has chubby cheeks!