January 2, 2017

2016 Recap

My annual yearly recap that every year I say I won't be doing, and then every year the time comes where I decide I think it's crazy to not do one and throw it together!

Apparently it's a tradition..

Another tradition...
Reading through every year and weeping happy and sad tears thinking about all of the memories made.

Here's 2016...

  • Rang in another birthday with wonderful people!

    • Was treated amazing by my boy all year long!
    • Spent some mornings with coffee and my Grandma

    • Another year of Love on the Run with Ellen

    • 10K Leprachaun Chase
    • Two of my girls surprised me with a trip to Chicago!!
    • Got to see the Bulls! 

    • Bridal Shower! 

    • Bachelorette Party with some awesome girls

    • Couple's Shower at our house

    •  Watched Adam complete the half marathon

    •  Meadow Lane Color Run at school!

    •  This goober graduated high school

    •  Adam got me an awesome end of the year present

    • Last day of school with these girls

    •  My three :)

    •  Our super fun rehearsal dinner!

    •  Our fantastic wedding day celebrating with so many friends and family

    •  Took an amazing honeymoon to Negril

    • A Colorado trip to celebrate my friend Katie

    •  Lots of pool days with these two weirdos

    •  Celebrated Ellen and Matt's wedding day! 

    •  All the sibs!

    •  Adam started a new job at Hudl

    •  Another year at Okoboji!

    •  Started a new year teaching 2nd Grade

    •  Lots of Husker game days! 

    •  Another trip to Colorado to see Ellen and Matt

    •  Lots of time spent at my in-laws riding 4 wheelers

    •  A weekend away at Project Momentum learning from some of the best photographers

    •  Watched the Cubs win the World Series! 

    •  Voted. Even though it was pure insanity. Let's just say we'll see what next year's recap says about this topic.

    •  Lots of weddings with a great date

    •  The cutest little lunch with my Mama. Had lots of lunches with her, but this picture is too cute so I had to find a way to include it :)

    •  <3

    •  Ugly Sweater Party with my coworkers

    •  A Christmas Day double rainbow

    • Said goodbye to a wonderful woman who had such a large impact on my life.

      • Have taken Bliss to great places in 2016. There's lots more coming in 2017 that I am so excited about! 

      • Completed a 1 second a day video project that I am so proud of. Here's the post that went along with it that I think is worth adding here as well. 

      I made it through an entire year of 1 second a day videos. It started as just a fun little project for me because I needed a new creative challenge, but it ended as so much more.
      I'm about to get wordy, so bear with me...I heard multiple times throughout the year, "I could never do that, my life is way too boring!" "Your life is so fun, you capture it perfectly!"
      But here's the thing, my life is no different from anyone else's. I wake up, work out, make coffee, and eat breakfast. I head to school, teach children all day, sit in meetings. I drive, watch tv, play with my animals, hang out with friends and family. We make dinner, do dishes, clean. I am stressed out, cry, am disappointed, am so busy. This year, I just captured it all.

      2016 was a fantastic year for my little family. I traveled to Kansas City, Chicago, Jamaica, Okoboji, twice to Colorado, and countless trips back home. We had showers and parties to celebrate our upcoming wedding. We got married, went on a honeymoon, Adam got a new job. The Cubs won the World Series! We spent time with our parents and siblings. We shared in so many friends and family accomplishments and celebrations.
      2016 wasn't the best year for the world, and of course we had rough times too. But I am so happy I captured exactly that. All of the wonderful things and the hard things. We heard bad news, my nephew in the hospital, our childhood dog leaving us, different diagnoses, loss, doctor's appointments, losing our amazing Grandma. These things were part of the year, and I'm so happy to have them all just to remember.
      If you were someone this year who said to me, "I want to try this!" (And there were LOTS of you!) Do it! Because throughout all of the crazy of every day living, it makes you open your eyes just a little bit more. You get to see the beauty around you that you wouldn't normally pay attention to. I captured so many sunsets, steam from my morning coffee, pretty clouds, a planner full of meetings, taking my dogs on a walk, Adam making me laugh, 2nd grade recess, going through photos for my Grandma's funeral, doctors appointments, cuddling with my cat, a long drive, my students reading, a Scooter's drive thru, getting the mail...there's beauty in your every day! You just have to see it.
      My goal this year was to get everyone I loved in a video somewhere. I didn't succeed in this the way I wanted to, but I got most people, even if you were in a faraway shot with a big group of people. There were many times I would leave something and say "Ahh! I forgot to take a video!" And I just brushed it off as me enjoying it too much to remember! :) Hopefully I get to see some of you challenge yourselves and try it out, if anything just to remember a year of your life. One thing I learned this year...one second is a really long time if you're paying attention, and that watching this gets me all kind of emotional.
      I hope you enjoyed watching my year. Remember to be kind!

      2017 comes with so much excitement and changes and I can't wait to see where it takes me.


      We found out we were expecting in 2016 too! Couldn't include it in this yearly recap as we found out in December and wanted to wait awhile. Can't wait to see what 2017 will bring now! :)

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