September 8, 2016

Rehearsal Day!

Remember that time that I said this blog was going to change to some things about our life and then I skipped out on doing anything with it! Well I do!

I've started my 4th year of teaching 2nd grade and it's off to a crazy, busy start with me also being in 2 grad school classes and shooting nonstop! Adam started a new job at Hudl and is working tons and learning the ins and outs of this awesome in other words, we've barely seen each other!

Yeah, I'm going to do a post about the day of our rehearsal and dinner. Mainly because people took SO MANY pictures this day, and they are some of my favorites! So I wanted a place to share them!

We had our rehearsal out at the barn where we got married and it was insanely windy and beautiful! Then we headed to Single Barrel for our meal and a fun night!

About to share tons of pics that you probably don't care about, but I want in one place :)

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