June 19, 2016

This here blog is changing!

As I spent today reading through my 2015 recap and my goals for 2016, I realized I'm doing pretty well :) which feels pretty good!

There's one of them that I'm choosing to tackle now, and that is to make this blog more about our life and less about my client's faces. I originally used this blog to gain clients, show work, and have a place for everything to be kept. That was before I had a website and returning clients, etc. Now that I showcase work in other ways, I want this blog to change!

The goal, and who knows if it will be one I keep, is to keep up with the life of the Bouc's in our adventures, hilarious dog stories, house projects, family life, and events! I get so much joy in looking back on apps like Timehop and seeing where we were years ago, the changes that have happened, and reminiscing and feeling nostalgic, that I want that to happen here too!

If that interests you, stick around! If you were only here for photo related things, you might be seeing much less of that nowadays!

I'll work on my first post reintroducing our little family and talking about the WEDDING and the HONEYMOON because I figure that's a good start! While I also revamp my design to take away some photo stuff! Bear with me while it's under construction :)

Also, I'll probably phase out and have a new blog name if any of you super creative folk want to chime in. I'm finding that I can play on words a whole lot with my new last name, which is Bouc (pronounced Boats, I know, crazy right?) I've only gotten to say it a handful of times at stores and stuff and have already confused every single person I speak to. I've found that people usually say "Are you sure?" "Yes, ma'am, I'm positive."

Anywho...see you soon!

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