December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

Here I am...laying on the couch at 8:30pm at night on New Year's Eve (yeah, we're really living it up this year!) when up pops Timehop on my phone reminding my of my 2014 Recap. You see, I told myself this year that I wasn't going to write one because I usually spend quite a few days putting together the perfect one for me to go back and reread in 5 years and remember every detail. This year, I didn't have the time or energy to sit down and look through the year and get all nostalgic and weepy like I always do!

...until I read through 2014.

And I realized, this has been the best year yet, why on earth would I skip this one!?

So here I am (over an hour later, after reading through all of my recaps and crying happy tears reliving all these moments)

Here's 2015 in a nutshell:
  • Started a new business adventure with Brittne
  • Continued my 2nd year of teaching with some coworkers that I now call great friends

  • Celebrated yet another year of life with all my favorite people for my birthday

  • Spent lots of mornings (not enough) training for another half marathon

  • Loved on my two babies :)

  • Celebrated Tiffy's bachelorette in sunny VEGAS!

  • Found out we were getting a niece or nephew after we thought Dusty and Kala were never having babies!

  • Keri and Zach's wedding! 

  • Zach and Carly's wedding!

  • Tiffany and Trevor's adorable shower

  • Someone cooked breakfast (really this one is in here because I think he looks adorable and proud!)

  • Packed up our first house we had together

  • Finished my 2nd half marathon

  • Bought a house!

  • Saw GARTH
  • Ellen's Bday celebrashe
  • Got the coolest present ever from Adam (the coordinates of our first house together)
  • Tiffany and Trevor's Wedding!

  • Spent lots of summer days swimming in our pool

  • Brought our Sofie Bouc home!

  • Cleaned lots of paws and floors
  • Asked some important questions!
  • Saw KENNY

  • Another Okoboji year done for

  • Sherman and Morgan's wedding!

  • Started a new year in 2nd grade
  • Celebrated our new addition to the family (not ours)
  • Husker game days!

  • Said yes to the dress!

  • Photographed and witnessed the birth of our new nephew Porter Ray (easily the coolest experience I've ever had)

  • Got asked an important question!
  • Engagement photos
  • Took a trip to KC to see my Jane

  • Britnee and Vince's wedding

  • Christmas 2015 - the year of running around nonstop and not sitting down
  • Spent our year watching the 6 of them in various things, sports, concerts, etc
  • Had the biggest business year yet with Bliss and took part in proposals, births, announcements, weddings, engagements, and tons of families. The goal of growing every year is a good one! 
As I look back, it seems that this year was the year of the dogs and the year of the weddings! :) I gained a puppy, a house, and a ring on my finger! Not to mention new friends and so many new memories. It seems as though I always end these with a quote, and this is the winner this year...from my favorite blogger/photographer/mom Kelle:

"I live my best life in celebration. Finding the hidden celebratory opportunities that are buried throughout every phase of life, scattered as much in the monotony of our everyday routines as they are spread throughout the obvious events - vacations, weddings, graduations, personal successes. And celebration is not reserved for when life feels perfect. In fact, it is what carries me through the hard moments.

What does celebration look like? It's as simple as using the good dishes on a Tuesday night. Hanging twinkle lights in a window when there isn't a holiday in sight. Hosting a kitchen dance party - for one - while I'm cooking. Wearing red lipstick to the grocery store. Making a pot of coffee at noon and sitting down to savor it in the perfect mug. Popping popcorn for a movie on the couch and pretending we're at the theater. Turning up the music in the car and singing with the windows rolled down on the way to drop the kids off at school. Deciding last minute to head to the beach for a sunset picnic dinner. Living my best life means waking up on any given day, in any given place, through any given circumstance, and finding something - even if it's little - to celebrate."

My words for 2016 are focus and adventure

A couple things for 2016:

  • Making this blog into more about life and less just about blogging clients faces. I get so many clients that tell me they book a session with me because they feel like they know who I am as a person, so I want to make the blog that way too! (let's be real, we have a ton of hilarious dog stories)
  • Planning an amazing wedding and taking a trip to Jamaica the next day (eeeeekkk!)
  • Making memories with so many great people including even MORE weddings this year of wonderful friends
  • Continue to simplify and get rid of stuff that isn't need and continue getting better at saying no
  • Not gaining any more pets this year since that was the trend the last 3 years :| 
  • Making our house even more into our home and taking on some big projects
  • Taking Bliss further towards where I want it to go which means, MORE BABIES! 
  • NOT running another half marathon and waiting until 2017 (I have to keep saying it out loud to make sure I don't agree to one! 

I am ready for lots of great things to come our way in the next year!

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