November 15, 2015

Married | Abbey and Pat

SUPER interesting story about this wedding. Abbey and I met on our blogs, oh I don't know, at least 5 years ago? When she got engaged she sent me an email saying she knew it was probably a long shot, but she would love for me to shoot her wedding. Well, Sherman and I took on the challenge and traveled almost 4 hours away in 1 day to make this happen! We had such a good time hanging out with them all morning, and taking part in their perfect, intimate day!

Abbey, thanks for your support through business name changes, new layouts,'ve always had a Bliss banner on your blog for advertisement :)

Congrats to Abbey and Pat!


  1. You guys did SUCH a good job! I will never ever ever get tired of looking at our wedding pictures! AND you were so so fun to have there (although... WHY didn't we get a picture of the two of us???) THANK YOU for driving so far to come shoot our wedding. It really was a perfect day, and you guys were a big part of it!!!

  2. You did such an amazing job capturing Pat and Abbey's day! Everything was perfect and you guys were so much fun to work with!

  3. Ok, I love looking at all of your pictures. But these are the best ones yet, but that could just be because I love Abbey and I love you.. These are amazing, and I think the story of how you met just makes it even more fun! You did such a great job!

  4. These all turned out uhh-mazing! Tristan, you are such a talent - and Pat & Abbey, what a beautiful ceremony!


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