October 26, 2015

Senior | Hailey Lynne

My tiny baby niece, Hailey. Coincidentally, the day I catch up on her senior session on the blog is also her 18th birthday. Which makes me want to bawl like a baby. In my eyes, she is still the little 2 year old who would wake up in the morning the happiest toddler in the world, with crazy bed head, and the most insane blue eyes, face covered in freckles, screaming "TT" at me, (which is where I got the nickname all my nieces and nephews call me)

But she's not. Today she's 18. EIGHTEEN! This girl is the most genuine, real person and 100% original. She is the weirdest person I will ever meet and reallllyyyy embraces the weird. She gets a laugh out of anyone, whether it's with weird voices, crazy faces, or a new dance. She's got a big heart and she'll change lives someday.

Despite the fact that she is no longer a tiny little blue eyed beauty, she is now a senior, an 18 year old with those same blue eyes, and still an insane case of bed head every single morning, but she definitely embraces it!

Happy Birthday, Bop! Can't wait to watch you grow up, have you next to me on my wedding day, see you graduate, and be weird for life with you! Love you tons.

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