February 8, 2015

Ayden is ONE!

Mr. Ayden is ONE!

Some previous sessions with this adorable dude are here, and here!

I can't believe this little man is already a year old. He had the worlds best belly laughs while at our shoot and every time he would throw a ball, his mom and dad would chase after it, and he would just laugh and laugh and laugh! Cracked me up so much! He was so fun to shoot! I hope you have the best 1st birthday Ayden!

 photo IMG_9908_zps1b3358c4.jpg photo IMG_9926_zps43b327b8.jpg photo IMG_9936_zpse7aa8b4e.jpg photo IMG_9977_zps0cd9829a.jpg photo IMG_9999_zps5e12c873.jpg photo IMG_0020_zpsa4f425e1.jpg photo IMG_0034_zpsddda467f.jpg photo IMG_0076_zpsa7dbf03f.jpg photo IMG_0103_zps7aa90e17.jpg photo IMG_0109_zps4bfa1143.jpg photo IMG_0132_zpse605b300.jpg photo IMG_0163_zps7f3a7e0c.jpg photo IMG_0199_zps9890d143.jpg photo IMG_0230_zps5a98537d.jpg photo IMG_0248_zpsa4dc51f7.jpg photo IMG_0253_zpsb41413ef.jpg photo IMG_0254_zpsc7d0bf4f.jpg photo IMG_0261_zps14f3ffcb.jpg photo IMG_0283_zps2b244900.jpg photo IMG_0292_zps4083cdab.jpg photo IMG_0306_zpsdf896e1f.jpg photo IMG_0369_zps6e10c690.jpg

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