January 25, 2015

Brand New | Jerrod

Mr. Jerrod had a couple rough first days of life and then really showed us at his session that his little lungs were working perfectly fine! He wanted nothing at all to do with sleep and squishy-ness he just wanted to be wide awake looking around! He really made me do my job and we managed to get tons of adorable shots! Obviously, when your model is this handsome! Lori endured all of our teaching classes in college with me and it turns out my Adam and her Justin knew each other before Lori and I even did. Funny how life works out sometimes!

I can't wait to watch this little man grow up!     photo IMG_9480_zps66a6202d.jpg photo IMG_9488_zpscd40c850.jpg photo IMG_9490_zps859a762a.jpg photo IMG_9506_zpsa9f5b5f3.jpg photo IMG_9517_zps9752177f.jpg photo IMG_9525_zps0a532eaa.jpg photo IMG_9531_zpsfb939380.jpg photo IMG_9538_zps5020a820.jpg photo IMG_9546_zpsece253d5.jpg photo IMG_9588_zps7f13e260.jpg photo IMG_9590_zpsc0d98f8b.jpg photo IMG_9615_zpsff285f33.jpg photo IMG_9626_zps9fabb212.jpg photo IMG_9639_zps5363967b.jpg photo IMG_9650_zpse33c3986.jpg photo IMG_9687_zpscb2b0b86.jpg photo IMG_9698_zps9052c2f3.jpg photo IMG_9711_zpsd31249ee.jpg photo IMG_9733_zps7178c699.jpg photo IMG_9734_zps97fcd439.jpg photo IMG_9797_zpsd4198cec.jpg photo IMG_9830_zps95618b6c.jpg

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  1. Seriously, that yawning face!! So cute! You've done a great job once again! Loved these photos!


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