December 18, 2014

The Bouc Family

The Bouc family. We found out when Adam and I started dating that his mom, Janet had secretly hoped we would end up together for at least 5 years, so when we wound up together she was so excited! Adam and I spent the morning Black Friday shopping, then out to their land for photos, and back to their house for Thanksgiving, so it was a busy busy day! There are SO many opportunities for photos out there I don't think I could shoot there enough! Can't wait to keep venturing out there as the seasons change!


 photo IMG_7976_zps6f915795.jpg photo IMG_8027_zpsbf0d7496.jpg photo IMG_8033_zps4200c1f1.jpg photo IMG_8046_zpsc23cbeac.jpg photo IMG_8063_zps85699465.jpg photo IMG_8073_zpsa0ca58a0.jpg photo IMG_8102_zps62363c86.jpg photo IMG_8119_zps57f8d2e2.jpg photo IMG_8199_zps1b3bf0f9.jpg photo IMG_8276_zps9c3f21f5.jpg

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