December 23, 2014

Little Miss Hazel

A couple weeks ago I got to spend my entire Saturday morning with the adorable, squishy, perfect little Hazel. She is so so loved by so many people!


 photo IMG_8317_zpsa9a49f55.jpg photo IMG_8325_zps9638f620.jpg photo IMG_8349_zps7b8881e1.jpg photo IMG_8366_zps2a4adb12.jpg photo IMG_8412_zps379ecb7e.jpg photo IMG_8420_zps625efc9d.jpg photo IMG_8456_zps6b327eda.jpg photo IMG_8464_zps59273b89.jpg photo IMG_8501_zps2b198162.jpg photo IMG_8537_zpsaccfe572.jpg photo IMG_8592_zps173ec2e6.jpg photo IMG_8780_zpsde26eb6f.jpg photo IMG_8864_zps7d5736df.jpg
There is not much I love more in life than baby rolls and shoulder fuzz. photo IMG_8931_zpsdc4d2341.jpg photo IMG_8969_zps3a17fe32.jpg photo IMG_9036_zps8e93bb27.jpg photo IMG_9136_zpsc52ef3dc.jpg photo IMG_9268_zps52e11097.jpg photo IMG_9274_zpse8d857cf.jpgAll headbands and hats made by my super talented cousin, Carlee over at Cutie Patuties

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