December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

Oh 2014, you had a whole lot of low sucky points. But of course, there were lots of great ones to balance it all out. Here's to 2015 hopefully blowing you outta the water.

In sticking with my positivity goal of life, I'm choosing to only recap those times that I loved! :)

Here's 2014:
  • Spent lots of days in Kindergarten with some pretty cool kids
  • Spent a lot of days outside (probably one of my favorite pictures of the entire year)
  • Celebrated another friends engagement! Congrats Tiff and Trev!
  • Celebrated another year of life with all the people I love on my birthday
  • Cooked a lot of really fun, new dinners
  • Fulfilled a lifelong dream of seeing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Yeah you guessed it, it was life changing. Not even being sarcastic about that one.
  • Had a great time skiing/teaching Adam how to ski! :)
  • Spent many mornings with some really great clients!
  • Spent Valentine's Day with Ellen making fun gifts for our boys
  • Moved my whole life out of the first apartment I had alone into a house with my dude

  • Took a trip with Dad to Wisconsin to visit Grandma
  • Spent many many many of mornings training for my first half
  • Got a whole lot of laughs out of this guy
  • I finished a half marathon with my Daddio in 2:24...broken foot and all!

  • Celebrated graduations galore of all of our sweet friends

  • Brought our Wrigley pup home!
  • Ran some more road races!
  • Took a trip to Chi Town with my man
  • Spent lots of weekends with friends on lakes
  • Celebrated a wedding of friends

  • Celebrated Britt's bachelorette party at the Ozarks!
  • Another year in Okoboji with my fam
  • Started a new adventure in 2nd grade!
  • Another season of Husker football in the books
  • Went on my favorite day date to an orchard!

  • One of the most fun days ever at the Morris wedding!!
  • Had so many adventures with our pup!
  • Hung out with so many of my amazing friends and family!
  • Celebrated 1 year with my dude even though it feels like 20 something and 1 month all at the same time
  • Got to meet the most amazing people through Bliss. Getting to have new friends in front of my lens will always be my favorite part about getting to do a job I love! Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting my love whether it is through booking sessions, likes, shares, word of mouth, handing out business cards, or whatever else it might be. I wouldn't be able to do this without every single one of you! I can't wait to see what's in store for 2015!

"We take photos to recall - with greater vibrancy - those experiences that have shaped and made us, we take photos to bridge distance and shorten time, to lend legacy to the little things and life to the forgotten."

"You can have all the talent in the world, but if you're not using it wisely, time will slip away. The weeks of procrastination turn into years, and before you know it, your life is consumed with real world obligations just to make ends meet."

December 23, 2014

Little Miss Hazel

A couple weeks ago I got to spend my entire Saturday morning with the adorable, squishy, perfect little Hazel. She is so so loved by so many people!


 photo IMG_8317_zpsa9a49f55.jpg photo IMG_8325_zps9638f620.jpg photo IMG_8349_zps7b8881e1.jpg photo IMG_8366_zps2a4adb12.jpg photo IMG_8412_zps379ecb7e.jpg photo IMG_8420_zps625efc9d.jpg photo IMG_8456_zps6b327eda.jpg photo IMG_8464_zps59273b89.jpg photo IMG_8501_zps2b198162.jpg photo IMG_8537_zpsaccfe572.jpg photo IMG_8592_zps173ec2e6.jpg photo IMG_8780_zpsde26eb6f.jpg photo IMG_8864_zps7d5736df.jpg
There is not much I love more in life than baby rolls and shoulder fuzz. photo IMG_8931_zpsdc4d2341.jpg photo IMG_8969_zps3a17fe32.jpg photo IMG_9036_zps8e93bb27.jpg photo IMG_9136_zpsc52ef3dc.jpg photo IMG_9268_zps52e11097.jpg photo IMG_9274_zpse8d857cf.jpgAll headbands and hats made by my super talented cousin, Carlee over at Cutie Patuties