November 9, 2014

Gardner Family

This family is wonderful and their three little boys are incredibly adorable. I bet their house is a ton of fun! Big brother was smiley the entire time, while little brother just watched intently, and middle dude was the most serious ever until the end when I finally got some giggles out of him!

Enjoy!  photo IMG_5740_zpsf2808d2a.jpg photo IMG_5827_zps0deca55f.jpg photo IMG_5851_zpsf9b0a5b5.jpg photo IMG_5877_zps8c6b7c01.jpg photo IMG_5944_zps86d2fa5f.jpg photo IMG_5993_zpsdecd854e.jpg photo IMG_6070_zps124799d0.jpg photo IMG_6185_zps7116c36d.jpg photo IMG_6347_zpseec092d3.jpg photo IMG_6382_zpsfba1c804.jpg photo IMG_6388_zpsf9e4ff9c.jpg photo IMG_6601_zpsba03d9ba.jpg photo IMG_6701_zps00e5bc3a.jpg photo IMG_6770_zpsd8acd633.jpg

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