November 11, 2014

Engaged | Brett & Nicole

Words aren't even needed for a shoot like this. Can't even wait to shoot their wedding in August.

Enjoy some beautiful images. And lots of them.
 photo IMG_6891-4_zps8485771e.jpg photo IMG_6903-4_zps670c2843.jpg photo IMG_6926-4_zps6219a413.jpg photo IMG_7030-3_zpsb429a388.jpg photo IMG_7088-4_zps8c97a347.jpg photo IMG_7128-4_zps4ed108ee.jpg photo IMG_7181-4_zps5f3dbc3b.jpg photo IMG_7417-3-2_zps099dc9d7.jpg photo IMG_7485-4_zps77c22387.jpg photo IMG_7561-4_zpsdc208220.jpg photo IMG_7600-4_zpsdf65cd7f.jpg photo IMG_7618-4_zpsea1b7783.jpg photo IMG_7650-4_zpsc4f8f361.jpg photo IMG_7654-4_zpscec2e363.jpg photo IMG_7669-4_zps6d9f8a0e.jpg photo IMG_7673-4_zpsa08ccbaa.jpg photo IMG_7733-4_zps2662fc2d.jpg photo IMG_7771-3_zps7a501f1b.jpg photo IMG_7782-3_zps5e302977.jpg photo IMG_7845-2_zps254b7bd5.jpg photo IMG_7922-2_zps8fc5d55a.jpg photo IMG_7882-2_zps3dd27bb0.jpg photo IMG_7891-2_zps5c983c35.jpg photo IMG_7849-2_zps01d82e4e.jpg

November 9, 2014

Gardner Family

This family is wonderful and their three little boys are incredibly adorable. I bet their house is a ton of fun! Big brother was smiley the entire time, while little brother just watched intently, and middle dude was the most serious ever until the end when I finally got some giggles out of him!

Enjoy!  photo IMG_5740_zpsf2808d2a.jpg photo IMG_5827_zps0deca55f.jpg photo IMG_5851_zpsf9b0a5b5.jpg photo IMG_5877_zps8c6b7c01.jpg photo IMG_5944_zps86d2fa5f.jpg photo IMG_5993_zpsdecd854e.jpg photo IMG_6070_zps124799d0.jpg photo IMG_6185_zps7116c36d.jpg photo IMG_6347_zpseec092d3.jpg photo IMG_6382_zpsfba1c804.jpg photo IMG_6388_zpsf9e4ff9c.jpg photo IMG_6601_zpsba03d9ba.jpg photo IMG_6701_zps00e5bc3a.jpg photo IMG_6770_zpsd8acd633.jpg

November 1, 2014

The Bell Family

Amanda and Chris were super fun to shoot with along with Lucas and of course, their pup too! We made it through their entire session and in the car, before it started storming like crazy! Lucas has the cutest little chubby cheeks and baby blues ever!

Amanda and I worked together in college at an after school program. One of my favorite parts about getting to do this job is to see peoples lives unfold and move from chapter to chapter. I love these images, and hope they do too!
 photo IMG_4789_zps37180557.jpg  photo IMG_4798_zpseedfb444.jpg  photo IMG_4821_zpseb889d7c.jpg  photo IMG_4933_zps84ae8a3e.jpg  photo IMG_4953_zps88b5c87a.jpg  photo IMG_4976_zpsae3239da.jpg  photo IMG_5016_zps0efc090e.jpg  photo IMG_5031_zps53a2bd44.jpg  photo IMG_5096_zpsbc174151.jpg  photo IMG_5147_zps65727df8.jpg  photo IMG_5243_zpsd93eac25.jpg  photo IMG_5259_zps2b3f76d9.jpg  photo IMG_5314_zps95539c31.jpg  photo IMG_5357_zps8c7a9682.jpg  photo IMG_5398_zps731b5d45.jpg  photo IMG_5434_zpsf6dd819f.jpg  photo IMG_5487_zps929f36c8.jpg  photo IMG_5512_zpsb02bbebd.jpg  photo IMG_5529_zpsd52a4b43.jpg  photo IMG_5566_zps3726d653.jpg  photo IMG_5681_zps938c0bfe.jpg  photo IMG_5687_zps9882dda4.jpg