July 25, 2014

Wriggle Pup

Wriggle Pup, Wriggy, Wrigs, Wiggles.

Just a few of the names we call our pup.

Today while getting my camera ready for a shoot I had this morning, Wrigley decided to be super photogenic and adorable (But who are we kidding, she's adorable ALL THE TIME!) So we had a mini photoshoot.

She really is lucky she's so flipping cute, because she would be living on the street if she wasn't.
(Disclaimer: I really would never do that. Sometimes she's just really super duper naughty)

We're pretty in love with her and those ears. She's grown like crazy, but we're in denial and think she's still tiny!

As far as Perry goes, they like each other enough. Perry tries to play with her a lot and Wrigley plays back, but of course takes it a step too far and Perry takes off. But at least he still loves to be around us and they don't attack each other!

So enjoy some adorable pup pics!

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