June 3, 2014


Hi there, blog! It's about that time for a personal post. But this one is a good one, I promise.

Last week, we finally brought home our Wrigley pup! Adam and I have been on the hunt for a dog since before we even moved into a house. With the help of my niece going on a crazy hunt for exactly what we wanted, we found her, took a pretty long road trip to pick her up, and now she's been ours for a week!

And let me tell you, she's the cutest pup ever.

She's a Goldendoodle. But not the kind of Goldendoodle that's super curly, she's the kind of Goldendoodle who really just looks like a small lab with fluffy ears.

She's the sweetest and the best cuddler ever.

And also so so naughty.

But she makes up for it right away! And for all you Perry lovers who have been so worried about him...they're getting along just fine!

We're in love with her! Be expecting lots more pictures of her :) Or just follow me on instagram and see!



    She's the exact pup I want. I've been wanting a golden retriever or non-curly goldendoodle. I wannnnnnnnnnnnnt. So jealous. If she goes missing, don't come looking for her in Tennessee. ;)

  2. She is the CUTEST. I didn't realize she was a goldendoodle since she's not curly! Love herrrr.


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