March 15, 2014

Little Miss Alexa

Little Miss Alexa is my cousin's daughter and I got to hang out with her while on a recent trip to Wisconsin to see family! We had so much fun playing around and I even got some good, quality belly laughs!

It's funny how different a session with a newborn is compared to a baby that's already a few months old! I can't say which one I love more! As long as it deals with babies, I love it!

Here are some of this little sweetheart!

Couldn't quite decide on color or black and white for this one! Look at her baby blues!

All headbands made by Carlee of Cutie Patuties!

March 9, 2014

Mr. Ayden

Meet Mr. Ayden.

I got a call from one of my good friends on my birthday to tell me that she had her little girl, Elladee. Unfortunately they live in Memphis right now, so I'm not able to take her pictures until they come back for a Nebraska visit! But fortunately, her sister also had a baby a week later and Anne had already got Amanda a session for her baby shower. So I got to make the trip to Omaha to not only meet Baby Ayden, but take some pictures of him and his family!

I had a ton of fun on this shoot and he finally let us get some adorable shots!


Adam went with me to this shoot, so he took tons of pictures for me (which I never get to have)! I love this one!