February 25, 2014

Moving Day

Friends, I'm going to get a bit sappy for a sec, sorry 'bout it, but.....I'm moving this weekend and let me tell you, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about leaving this apartment. I thought I'd be really excited, and don't get me wrong, I definitely am. But it's my place.

My very first one alone. The one without roommates or family. The first one to call my own. The apartment I spent every weekend night getting ready in with one of my best friends. Drinking wine, dancing around, and singing to music (one of the number one reasons why we are as close as we are). The apartment I graduated from college in.

The one that all of my family come to stay with me in. The one with the best view. The one that I was unemployed and miserable in. My Perry cat's first home. The one I got a job teaching kindergarten in. The one I started dating my boy in. The one I went through the worst of life in. The one with the huge balcony great for coffee drinking. But more importantly, the place I lived while so many amazing things happened!

(My high school English teacher would kill me dead if she saw all those sentences ending with preopositions, and you know what I say to that...OH PASHAW!)

As corny and cliche as it is, this place is the one that I seriously, truly figured out who I was and what I want to do in life. This home is one of the first places that felt like "home" away from my true childhood home.

Goodbye, wonderful apartment. You were the best!

Onto new, amazing adventures! Huzzah Huzzah!!

February 19, 2014

Birthday 2014

Oh, blog. I've left you so empty the last few months.

One of my goals was to post more of the pictures I take. Not only to share them, but to have them all in one place and organized in a little bit better way.

You may or may not have known this about me (but you probably already did) that I'm taking pictures all the time. I love them, edit them, and then they sit there. On my computer. For months and months without me doing anything with them.

So even though it is the middle of February, I'm going to try really hard to make this happen.

To start...my BIRTHDAY!

I'm a birthday celebrator. I love a good reason to celebrate. Birthdays? Graduations? Tuesdays? I'll celebrate them all! And what better thing to celebrate than a birthday! We went to dinner with a couple friends and about half of my family and once again, we hit up Blazin' Pianos and I got to have almost all of the people I love in one room. That's always pretty awesome for me. So here's some of the pictures from that!

Cue picture overload...

There are also a whole bunch more hilarious pictures! So if you know you took a gem, let me know and I'll get it to you!

February 18, 2014

The Bonk Family

I got to spend my Saturday morning with this super fun family! They were so laid back in front of the camera and a breeze to shoot and they definitely know how to have fun! They had me laughing with all of the hilarious shots I was getting!

Here's a few from their shoot!