August 18, 2013

Boji Bunch 2013

Another year down! The best time of the year has come to an end once again. Although we were missing quite a few people this time around, we still managed to keep it interesting!

We, once again, got in trouble for being too loud, multiple different times. Played a lot of games. Ate a lot of good food. Got hurt a lot, this time with a record wipeout and a trip to the hospital. And spend lots of good time with tons of great family. Always a success.

Here's a picture heavy post!

IMG_2601 IMG_2606 IMG_2609 IMG_2619 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2626 IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2632 IMG_2652 IMG_2658 IMG_2714 IMG_2730 IMG_2737 IMG_2740 IMG_2779 These people are fun. 

This year included another Disc Dunk tournament complete with drawing teams, nicknames, and a bracket. The Sloozy Lunchboxes came out with a win and an undefeated record!

The Beast and The Beast couldn't manage another win in the final game. But we made up for it by winning in another area titled, "Best Fall" which probably should be changed to something along the lines of "Biggest Wipeout of Okoboji History."

We decided to continue our annual tradition of racing scooters down the big hill and successfully made it twice. But we missed the lesson in life where you learn how to stop when you're ahead. So naturally we went a third time. Long story short, we ended up running into each other and taking something much bigger than a tumble. Megan ended up in the hospital with a possible broken arm and me almost passing out and throwing up on a lawn chair while everyone cleaned me up. And both of us with lots and lots of blood. 
IMG_2858 IMG_2866

Turns out Megan had a sprained wrist and got 9 stitches along with a body covered in scrapes and bruises and me with torn up knees and back. We got pretty lucky. But I don't think we'll be continuing that tradition. 
IMG_2960 IMG_2961

We had people around the campsite asking us how we were feeling because we were apparently the talk of the park. Parents were telling their kids that they would look like us if they tried it. At least we could teach a lesson to some kids about not doing dumb things!

And it's all on video...

IMG_2832 IMG_2834 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2841 IMG_2842
IMG_2968 IMG_2991 IMG_3035 IMG_3037 IMG_3049 IMG_3050 IMG_3057 IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3068 IMG_3070 IMG_3052 IMG_3054

This is my favorite place. And some of my favorite people in the world.
IMG_2976 IMG_2992 IMG_3010 IMG_2965
New Project 2 - Large from Tristan Schlegel on Vimeo.

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