July 31, 2013

Kristin & Chris

After too long, I'm finally here to show you these guys! My life has been nuts for the last week! I got a teaching job and school starts in 2 weeks, so you might be able to guess how busy things have been!

But, here's Kristin and Chris! You can see their session from last year here. These guys met at Doane and Chris played soccer there, so we headed out to campus for some pictures! Last year, they were celebrating a year of marriage, a new house, and a new little puppy. This year is a much bigger year for them...keep scrolling to find out why! :)

 IMG_2348 IMG_2357 IMG_2375 Baby Hedgecock...coming soon! :)IMG_2386 IMG_2392 IMG_2397 IMG_2404 IMG_2417-2 IMG_2421-2 IMG_2431 IMG_2456 IMG_2491 IMG_2516 IMG_2539

July 23, 2013

Bamesberger Family

Michael is one of my favorite people in the world! He plays a huge role in the 'tech-y' part of Bliss Photo and without him, I'm pretty positive I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing! (This includes random calls to him telling him that whatever I'm trying to do isn't working and he fixes it in 0.7 seconds!) He lives in Portland right now and his mom got ahold of me a few weeks ago to see if I could meet up with them for some pictures while he was back. They just moved out to this lake not too long ago, and I was super excited to go out here and see their new house. We had fun playing in the water and drinking Coronas! This family is fun!


IMG_1871 IMG_1893 IMG_1899 IMG_1906 IMG_1912 IMG_1944 IMG_1958 IMG_1976 IMG_1986 IMG_1996 IMG_2009 IMG_2031 IMG_2040 IMG_2054 IMG_2057 IMG_2063 IMG_2071 IMG_2088 IMG_2111 IMG_2120 IMG_2149 IMG_2163 IMG_2169 IMG_2180 IMG_2189 IMG_2196 IMG_2216 IMG_2224 IMG_2251 IMG_2254 IMG_2257

July 17, 2013

Chicago 2013

Our trip to Chicago is over! This is the third summer Ellen and I have traveled to Chicago to stay with one of her high school friends! We got there early on a Friday. After getting to their apartment from the airport, the first order of business was a nap and a shower. Then we went exploring for lunch! We ended up at a pizza place next to Wrigley Field that we had eaten at before. The pizza is bigger than your head, so of course it deserves a second trip from us!

We made our way downtown...in the pouring rain. Chicago had been blazing hot, until we got there. Apparently we brought clouds, rain, and cold with us from Nebraska, and we didn't have any of the right clothes! Thankfully we both brought a pair of capris, which we lived in for the weekend!
We boarded our "sunset" boat tour, and despite the crappy weather conditions, it ended up being really cool! We all started on top of the boat, until we got stuck in yet another monsoon and spent the rest of the tour on the lower level!
It's okay though, because I love the way the clouds look in all these dark pictures! 

Another year down!

And another video of our adventures!

Chicago 2013 - Medium from Tristan Schlegel on Vimeo.