June 26, 2013

Seth & Brittne | Engaged

These two...

Britt's been my friend since forever back when we rode our bikes all over town and kicked each other out of houses for the dumbest fights! Now her and Seth are engaged! We made the trek out to the barn to shoot these guys and it just might be my very favorite session to date!

I'll let you decide for yourselves! Sorry (but I'm really not) for this picture overload! I couldn't narrow it down!

It's really too bad that I can't figure out why the heck all of these show up blurry on the blog. I swear they're not really like that! Any help, blog friends?


  1. Tristan! These are so great! I looove the one where they're sitting up in the door/window of the barn -- so cute! Congrats to your friends!

  2. These are beautiful, Tristan! Are you using blogger to upload them? I use Flickr for all of my large photos. You could also use Photobucket. I add the photos to my blog using their html code. It's not as hard as it sounds, I promise!

  3. These are so wonderful! You can feel the chemistry between these two - great job capturing it!


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