June 3, 2013


Oh, hey friends. Here I am, back in blog world after what feels like such a long time. I've missed you guys!

Here's what's been happening in life lately..
  • Started teaching preschool. Toughed out what very well could be the worst job I've ever held. Decided it was not for me at all, (nothing to do with the kids - I love them so much, or the job but more to do with other things in the school...I'll leave it at that!)
  • Took another job nannying some littles again!
  • Officially changed my name to Bliss Photo, registered my business, have official photo taxes (blah) and teamed up with my friend Sherman to start shooting weddings!
  • Having so many great times with so many good people. I really love my friends.
  • Got a kitten. He's really the coolest. But he's so lucky he's cute, because he's naughty as crap!
  • Celebrated my biffs birthday with one of the best nights of the year! 
  • Celebrated one of my oldest friends engagements, birthdays, and graduations all in one weekend! 
  • Took pictures of so many gorgeous people!

Also, one of my favorite things...when people say things like "Every time I see 'this' I think of you!" or "Hey, I thought of you today when 'this' happened!"

What thing would always remind you of me?

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  1. I love your #perrythecat photos. I just want to snuggle him.

    And yay for Bliss Photo and paying taxes and being legit! That is awesome!


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