June 26, 2013

Seth & Brittne | Engaged

These two...

Britt's been my friend since forever back when we rode our bikes all over town and kicked each other out of houses for the dumbest fights! Now her and Seth are engaged! We made the trek out to the barn to shoot these guys and it just might be my very favorite session to date!

I'll let you decide for yourselves! Sorry (but I'm really not) for this picture overload! I couldn't narrow it down!

It's really too bad that I can't figure out why the heck all of these show up blurry on the blog. I swear they're not really like that! Any help, blog friends?

June 12, 2013

Estes Park 2013

A few weeks ago, I headed up to Colorado with my parents. Estes Park is up there as one of my favorite places on earth. If you have never made the trip, I highly suggest putting it on a list of places to see.

This trip was filled with a stay at our favorite place Think: on the flowing river, bonfires, grills, in view of the mountains, 1 minute walk to downtown, and the most amazing workers who take the best care of you like lighting your fire and bringing you all the fixings for smores! Lots of relaxing, hiking, driving, walking downtown through the best shops, eating really really great food, and traveling up through the mountains to Grand Lake on what might possibly be the scariest road I've ever been on! This place never disappoints.

And now I leave you with...pictures. Duh.

These were a product of setting up the self-timer and thinking I (quite possibly the clumsiest person on the planet) could successfully jump across rocks to pose with them. I failed...

A part of my heart stays in this place every time I leave.

June 5, 2013

In The Distance - I Heart Faces

I'm so excited to be going back to see these ladies in October! Last year was one of the best weekends I've had and I'm already counting down the days! Here's my entry for the "In the Distance" photo challenge this month.

This senior is up there with my favorite sessions ever. We explored and climbed and hiked and found some of the coolest stuff. Here he is on top of something he probably shouldn't have climbed, but hey, you'd do anything for a fun picture, right?

June 3, 2013


Oh, hey friends. Here I am, back in blog world after what feels like such a long time. I've missed you guys!

Here's what's been happening in life lately..
  • Started teaching preschool. Toughed out what very well could be the worst job I've ever held. Decided it was not for me at all, (nothing to do with the kids - I love them so much, or the job but more to do with other things in the school...I'll leave it at that!)
  • Took another job nannying some littles again!
  • Officially changed my name to Bliss Photo, registered my business, have official photo taxes (blah) and teamed up with my friend Sherman to start shooting weddings!
  • Having so many great times with so many good people. I really love my friends.
  • Got a kitten. He's really the coolest. But he's so lucky he's cute, because he's naughty as crap!
  • Celebrated my biffs birthday with one of the best nights of the year! 
  • Celebrated one of my oldest friends engagements, birthdays, and graduations all in one weekend! 
  • Took pictures of so many gorgeous people!

Also, one of my favorite things...when people say things like "Every time I see 'this' I think of you!" or "Hey, I thought of you today when 'this' happened!"

What thing would always remind you of me?