March 19, 2013

Training Tuesday

Another week of Training Tuesday!

Tuesday March 12th - Monday March 18th

3.12 - Ran on the treadmill today for 4 miles plus some Nike Training Club ab workouts and some arm lifting

3.13 - Still tons of snow on the ground! And ice and me aren't friends, so 30 minutes on the stairmaster today and lifted on my own

3.14 - Well I woke up AN HOUR late, and was leaving for Des Moines with my parents, so I just ran to the Y and got in a quick 15 minute elliptical workout and some abs before I left!

3.15 - My Dad and I went for a 3.5 mile run through Drake University campus. The cool thing about running with my Dad is that I think I'm in okay shape, until I run with him (whose PR mile is 4:20) and he pushes me much harder than I push myself without even knowing it. So running with him is always a great workout. (Not a 4:20 mile kind of workout. I would die, and then he would have to run his 4:20 mile to the nearest hospital for someone to come save me)

3.16 - Rest day

3.17 - Another run outside! 4 miles today. Although I realized that just because it's been sunny and decent out, there's still ice on the trails. I'm still so sick and running in the chilly weather makes me have cough attacks that last for a really long time, and that's not my jam! So hopefully this week will bring much nicer weather!

3.18 - Combined treadmill run of 45 minutes plus Power Pump. Today's class was roughhhh. I feel like I'm saying that every week and I love it. When I wake up in the morning I'm definitely feeling it, and the only way to make it feel better is to get out and run! So I love that part too! It was an entire muscle group day so we rotated between muscle groups for entire songs.

Highs of this week: Getting to run with my Dad, it's something we share, so I always look forward to doing some exploring with him in new places.

Lows of the week: STILL being sick, and feeling like I'm hacking up a lung while I'm running.

 Some running this weekend

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  1. I love that you run with your dad. And a 4:20 mile? He is a beast!

    I have high, high hopes that as Lillie gets older she'll want to run with me. This past weekend she was on the golf cart (why we have one is beyond me, neither of us plays or is even CLOSE to a golf course) and she wanted to get off so she could run. Like, that's what she told me "I uh-na wuunnn".

    I'd be lying if I didn't say my heart jumped with joy. So, even though I was in flip flops, I totally ran wiht her. My husband couldn't stop laughing at how big my smile was.

    But back to you - you always inspire me with your consistency! I feel like I do okay but you knock me out of the water!


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