March 26, 2013

Swap Reveal

I reluctantly decided to take part in another Swap, because the last two I did were total and complete disasaters (not ever hearing from my partner, actually getting a partner, sending her something, and then never getting anything or hearing from her again) so I was a little iffy on this one.

Until I got Abbey as my partner! I can't even remember how Abbey and I became blog friends, but I was happy to see her name!

She totally showed up for this swap!

Like most of us, I think Abbey knew I was so totally over this stupid winter weather. So she went all Spring with this one! I got lots of stuff I'm excited to try (hello those brownie things and sex on the beach twisted shots!) And I've already used my mug and am planning on making use of that cookie dough very soon...although if you know me, you know that most of it won't be making it into real life cookies, just into my mouth in the form of dough. The candle is already burning in my place too and it smells awesome!

I figured out that the day Abbey got her package was also her BIRTHDAY! Which I didn't even know, so I'm glad she got my package on the day that she did :) Happy Birthday, again!

This swap definitely made me happy that I decided to do it compared to how my other ones went! Thanks for rocking it, Abbey!


  1. I'm so glad you got a good swap. I don't have a ton of luck with swaps so it's always nice to take part in a good one. :-)

  2. You got some great stuff!! Those twisted shots look fun...And the egg dye!! I had a lot of fun in this swap!!

  3. You got such an awesome swap partner - I love me some Abbey! She really did a great job too. Totally jealous of the twisted shot glasses.

  4. I've done a lot of swaps and they've all worked out except for one. I heard from the person a few times, but she never did send something. It's a bummer. I'm glad this one rocked though; you got some lovely items!!

  5. I'm so freakin' glad this one wasnt a bust for you. Nothing worse than being screwed over, much less having it happen twice :( Abbey's fabulous and so is the package she sent you. I'm totally jealous about those shots; they're so good!

    Thanks so much for participating in the swap and linking up to show off your awesome items.

  6. So glad you liked it! Especially since you've had crappy luck with swaps so far. I loved that we both sent each other alcohol haha. Rebels! You were an excellent swap partner. :) Thanks for the extra birthday wishes, too!


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