March 7, 2013


There's a lot of new readers over here and a few have been asking questions about lots of things! So here's a catch up.

  • Figuring out what I want to do with my life. (Not with any sort of rush at all, and I like it that way!) I've been subbing at some schools, doing a whole bunch of shoots, working at the hospital, applying for random jobs, and just having fun! Enjoying where my life is at the moment and knowing it's the last few months it will be this way!
  • Working on a total blog revamp. It's slowly coming together, but it's all going to be different soon...hopefully!
  • Having the best friends and spending so much great time with them. No really, they're the greatest, and I'm not really sure what I'd do without them!
  • Wishing for Spring and SUN and green things! I get into that winter slump, and it's gotta go away soon!
  • Craving that change that this time of year brings. In clothes, hair, apartment decoration,  routines, etc. Wearing my hair curly (since it's been the same since forever ago...obviously) See below...senior picture from 2008. So I definitely was feeling some changes! Which also included lots of purchases to change certain things in my apartment and a spontaneous urge to paint my dresser coral...which I did. And dreaming about switching my boots out for flip flops asap.
  • Trying to figure out exactly where I want Be The Change Photography to go, and working on some changes with always. But feeling excited about what's happening and all the awesome people that get to be in front of my camera this year!
  • Planning! This is around the time of the year when all of my summer weekends start to fill up and it's happening fast.
  • Taking a quick trip with my Mama this coming week because we need to just get away!
  • Missing my friends that live far away.
I'm talking to you...

And to you...

And most definitely YOU...
(Don't mind the fact that this picture is from 2006!)
  • Finding hundreds of CD's from middle school and high school packed with pictures galore. This is like finding gold. prepared for these to be shared to the world. Most of you should be worried.
  • Reading through old blog posts and realizing so many things from lots of years! That's the coolest part about a blog, espeically doing some 365 projects and going back to 3 years ago today and seeing what I was doing. Some things never change. But sometimes...a whole lot does! That's life...huh?
  • Having new blog friends! guys rule.
  • Mostly just being awesome and having fun. Duh.
Thanks for sticking around, all you cool people!

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