March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Oh, Daddio.
It's my Dad's birthday today. He's the greatest, most hilarious man ever. He knows so many facts about so many different things and I'm always asking him questions. He's pretty shy, but if you're sitting next to him...he's always cracking jokes. My Dad writes every.single.thing down. He has kept track of every mile he's ever run, every town/state/country he's ever ran in, and dedicates each of these to someone he loves.

You can always count on him to remember any thing we ever did on any trip we took, fish he caught, sport that was played, etc. He has notebooks full of things, and the very best memory. He loves traditions but is always up for change, despite his crazy OCD routine filled days. All of these which he has passed on to me!
We were listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about their favorite children. He thought it was kind of hilarious, but then told me the reasons why every one of his kids is his favorite. He said each one of my siblings and me are his favorite for their own thing. Mine: I know I can call you up with an idea and an adventure and you're always going to be up for it.And we go on a lot of adventures.

He loves to have fun, and doesn't care what people are going to think. Whether it's jumping in a bouncy house, or going down the slides by himself on one of his runs.

He's set the bar high for me. No man will ever compare and he's taught me some of the most useful and craziest things ever. I love this guy! Happy Birthday, Dad!


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