March 28, 2013

Des Moines 2013

My parents and I went to Des Moines for a few days just to get away for a little while. We basically walked around a lot, went to some really great antique stores, did some shopping, and ate some really good food. I'll let the pictures tell the rest!

This library was unbelievable!

March 26, 2013

Swap Reveal

I reluctantly decided to take part in another Swap, because the last two I did were total and complete disasaters (not ever hearing from my partner, actually getting a partner, sending her something, and then never getting anything or hearing from her again) so I was a little iffy on this one.

Until I got Abbey as my partner! I can't even remember how Abbey and I became blog friends, but I was happy to see her name!

She totally showed up for this swap!

Like most of us, I think Abbey knew I was so totally over this stupid winter weather. So she went all Spring with this one! I got lots of stuff I'm excited to try (hello those brownie things and sex on the beach twisted shots!) And I've already used my mug and am planning on making use of that cookie dough very soon...although if you know me, you know that most of it won't be making it into real life cookies, just into my mouth in the form of dough. The candle is already burning in my place too and it smells awesome!

I figured out that the day Abbey got her package was also her BIRTHDAY! Which I didn't even know, so I'm glad she got my package on the day that she did :) Happy Birthday, again!

This swap definitely made me happy that I decided to do it compared to how my other ones went! Thanks for rocking it, Abbey!

Training Tuesday

Another week of Training Tuesday!

I realized to successfully make my goal for Forever Fitness Challenge, I'm going to have to put down how many miles I ran, plus the amount of cardio I did..whoops, sorry Abbey! :)

Tuesday March 19th - Monday March 25th

3.19 - Treadmill for 20 minutes because of waking up late...again. = 2.25 miles

3.20 - I've decided to go back to my own lifting routine so I did that today. Did 10 minutes on the elliptical = 1.10 miles (not towards my goal of running miles) and 20 minutes on the treadmill - 2.1 miles

3.21 - Power Pump class plus Treadmill (because it snowed...AGAIN) for 30 minutes = 3.05 miles 

3.22 - Elliptical for 30 minutes plus lifting routine = 3.1 miles

3.23 - Rest day - I shot a wedding today though and was on my feet for a straight 13 hours!

3.24 - Rest day, went to Columbus for the day

3.25 - I started a run outside, and didn't even make it 5 minutes before I had to turn around because it was still freeeeezing outside! And the wind was actually blowing me over so I couldn't run straight. So I headed to the Y instead and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes..blah! = 3.1 miles Went back to the Y in the evening for a warmup before Power Pump and did uphill inclines for 25 minutes = 2.1 miles

Total = 12.6 miles

Highs of this week: Moving back to my old lifting routine plus my regular Power Pump classes. I can already tell the difference!

Lows of the week: Not being able to run outside! Sunshine...where you be?

Week 12

I shot a wedding this weekend with this guy. (More on that later) So all my pictures from this week are some fun shots of him! I don't want to share any from the wedding quite yet...

Plus a creepy one of Hailey from an equally creepy antique store!

March 25, 2013

Hailey Lynne

This gorgeous girl is my niece. Anytime I need to shoot, I call her up and she's always game. She makes the most hilarious faces, plus a mean one that can stop you in your tracks. And she's got these freckles that make me swoon. This girl is going to be 16 in a few months, and I'm not okay with it!

 See what I mean about the look...

And my favorites...

March 19, 2013


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Week 11

Week 11 was filled with a weekend on a mini trip with my parents (more on that later) But it made for fun people watching and taking pictures of strangers. I'm such a creeper...

If you're new can find out what my 52 week project is all about here

Training Tuesday

Another week of Training Tuesday!

Tuesday March 12th - Monday March 18th

3.12 - Ran on the treadmill today for 4 miles plus some Nike Training Club ab workouts and some arm lifting

3.13 - Still tons of snow on the ground! And ice and me aren't friends, so 30 minutes on the stairmaster today and lifted on my own

3.14 - Well I woke up AN HOUR late, and was leaving for Des Moines with my parents, so I just ran to the Y and got in a quick 15 minute elliptical workout and some abs before I left!

3.15 - My Dad and I went for a 3.5 mile run through Drake University campus. The cool thing about running with my Dad is that I think I'm in okay shape, until I run with him (whose PR mile is 4:20) and he pushes me much harder than I push myself without even knowing it. So running with him is always a great workout. (Not a 4:20 mile kind of workout. I would die, and then he would have to run his 4:20 mile to the nearest hospital for someone to come save me)

3.16 - Rest day

3.17 - Another run outside! 4 miles today. Although I realized that just because it's been sunny and decent out, there's still ice on the trails. I'm still so sick and running in the chilly weather makes me have cough attacks that last for a really long time, and that's not my jam! So hopefully this week will bring much nicer weather!

3.18 - Combined treadmill run of 45 minutes plus Power Pump. Today's class was roughhhh. I feel like I'm saying that every week and I love it. When I wake up in the morning I'm definitely feeling it, and the only way to make it feel better is to get out and run! So I love that part too! It was an entire muscle group day so we rotated between muscle groups for entire songs.

Highs of this week: Getting to run with my Dad, it's something we share, so I always look forward to doing some exploring with him in new places.

Lows of the week: STILL being sick, and feeling like I'm hacking up a lung while I'm running.

 Some running this weekend

March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Oh, Daddio.
It's my Dad's birthday today. He's the greatest, most hilarious man ever. He knows so many facts about so many different things and I'm always asking him questions. He's pretty shy, but if you're sitting next to him...he's always cracking jokes. My Dad writes every.single.thing down. He has kept track of every mile he's ever run, every town/state/country he's ever ran in, and dedicates each of these to someone he loves.

You can always count on him to remember any thing we ever did on any trip we took, fish he caught, sport that was played, etc. He has notebooks full of things, and the very best memory. He loves traditions but is always up for change, despite his crazy OCD routine filled days. All of these which he has passed on to me!
We were listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about their favorite children. He thought it was kind of hilarious, but then told me the reasons why every one of his kids is his favorite. He said each one of my siblings and me are his favorite for their own thing. Mine: I know I can call you up with an idea and an adventure and you're always going to be up for it.And we go on a lot of adventures.

He loves to have fun, and doesn't care what people are going to think. Whether it's jumping in a bouncy house, or going down the slides by himself on one of his runs.

He's set the bar high for me. No man will ever compare and he's taught me some of the most useful and craziest things ever. I love this guy! Happy Birthday, Dad!