January 8, 2013

Week 1

I wanted to keep with my trend of doing some kind of photo challenge for 2013. I thought of just doing another 365 because I really enjoy them, but I wanted something different, and something that could still test my creativity and challenge me enough.

I decided on a 52 week project. I wanted some sort of theme, and after thinking through lots of them, I landed on the idea of 52 weeks of people. I'm not really setting any of my own rules with this one. Just at least one picture every week, all year, and it has to have a person in it. I'm not limiting it to my Canon or my iPhone. Some weeks might have 10 pictures, some might only have 1. I'm excited about this one because I've always liked the idea of photographing people I've never met, as well as the people closest to me. I also might throw in some other themes through the different months of the year to challenge myself even more.

This first week, I was only out with my camera twice. Coincidentally, both of these took place in Scooter's (I don't think I spend enough time there) But here's just some randoms I took while catching up with old friends, and some strangers. I already don't even love some of these, but I want it to be a way to remember 2013 as best as I can!

These too... :)

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  1. That'll be so fun! Can't wait to see all the people photos. :)


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