January 7, 2013

On Display

Recently, I've been able to see my work actually displayed in a few different places. This is something I've never really followed through with, but always talked about doing!

A few months ago, I got an email from a mom that was part of the I Heart Faces conference in Dallas. Her family was so much fun and all of us had a blast shooting with all of them! Here's them...

She was being featured as a Mom Next Door in North Texas Child magazine and wanted to use my picture for her story! Well, the magazine came out this month, and it's awesome to see something I've shot actually in a magazine!

Go here to see it, and flip to page 10!

I also work for Bella Baby Photography. We take pictures of newborns in the hospital and it has been a job that's perfect for me...pictures and babies! We finally got to put our photos up in the hallways and here's a display from it. This is a collage of pictures from all of the ladies that shoot here.

That one on the right in the middle of that gorgeous Mama and adorable babe...probably my favorite picture I've ever taken!
If you're any sort of artist, the feeling of seeing something you've done hanging in someone's home, displayed in a public place, for sale in a store, or featured on a website, in a magazine, or when someone else promotes you is so cool!

I didn't know how awesome it was going to be to see pictures I've created actually hanging on a wall in a public place, but it has definitely made me want to go through with all that unfinished planning I've had so many times before! Hopefully, after I make a few more dollars, I can finish what I've started and go through with all of that. I've got a few ideas brewing! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. That's gotta feel awesome! :) Good job, girl!

  2. That is soooo cool that you're in the magazine! How fun! :) And love all the baby pictures. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! Lovely pictures, too :)


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