January 30, 2013


Here's something about me. When I am feeling any kind of overwhelming emotion...sadness, anger, jealousy, annoyance, frustration, even happiness, All I need to do is drive. Hand me my keys, my camera, and some kind of music and I'm good.

See I'm not really a talker. (Hah!) Let me rephrase that, I talk all the time. My friends and family will be the first to tell you that I really never stop. But when it comes to dealing with a problem of some kind, most of the time I want to do it on my own.

I love to drive. At all times during the day really, but the best is really early morning, really late at night, or the most perfect time: right at sunset.

I'm in my winter slump. It happens every year. Don't get me wrong, I love winter. I love snow, chilly air, sweaters, scarves, boots, and nights at home with blankets and coffee. But my body needs sunshine, it needs fresh air, it needs things that are green. Once my birthday has passed (which is Saturday), I'm over winter. I'm done with it. See ya later, snow.

So the other day...I drove. For lots of different reasons including my winter slump. And when I get to my destination, or more often when I finish driving around randomly in circles, I feel better.

Get out of here, winter. Bring on the sunshine.

January 29, 2013

Week 4

So here's the thing about week 4...I didn't take my camera anywhere with me. Whoops! But here's some super random pictures from my phone.

Week 5 is going to be so much better. You know why? Because it's Birthday Week! :)

January 25, 2013

Because what are aunts for, right?

Two of my nieces came down to Lincoln to stay with me last weekend. They have been asking forever and I just haven't had the time, so it was about time they got to stay for a little while!

We started Friday night with dinner, Red Mango, and a movie at home. Saturday morning started with donuts (per request) at La Mars.

We headed to the Capitol building next and spent the whole morning there. These two (along with my other niece) are definitely related to me in the photo taking area of life. We had to stop every few seconds for a, "TT, wait! I have to take a picture!" They both got ipods for Christmas and I bet those things have at least 1500 new pictures on them (each!).

There was a rally of some sort going on there. I'm still not sure what it was for, I'm assuming one of those big issues people always rally about. But the girls could care less what is was for, they just liked being 14 floors above tons of people.

We spent a lot of time just hanging out here, laying around in the courtyard, taking tons of pictures, and riding the multiple elevators tons of times.

These two are literally the most picky eaters that I've ever encountered, and lunch with them is always a big deal! The only two places they can agree on...McDonalds and Valentino's. I was not eating McDonalds, obviously, so we headed out to Valentino's for what happened to be kids day. They got their faces painted, got balloon animals, and between the two of them ate 3 snow cones, 2 things of cotton candy, 3 brownies, and very little real food. Because you can do/eat whatever you want when you stay with your awesome aunt, right?

We stopped back at my place for what I hoped would be a nap for Callen before the rest of the night but actually turned into a quick nap for me, which I had no problems with. I woke up to a face right in front of mine saying, "Is it time to gooooooo yet?" Which of course, forced me to get up!

We had been doing a lot of talk about Paint Yourself Silly, which is a place where you can pick a ceramic piece and paint it, and then they fire it for you and you pick it up a week later. They each took their precious time choosing exactly what they wanted which resulted in a cup with a dog for the handle and a dog piggy bank. We painted our pieces and then I let them explore the Haymarket a little bit.

Instead of trying to choose another restaurant, we went to the grocery store and stocked up on dinner, candy, and (duh) more brownies. We got home, Ellen came over, we ate dinner, and then baked the brownies while we watched a few movies. We all crashed hard that night and they (but probably more me) were exhausted after a full weekend!

Together they were on a crazy sugar high from all the brownies/candy/cotton candy/snow cones/cookies they consumed, and who cares? Because what are aunts for, right?

January 18, 2013


We happened to schedule the Whitmores on a day that was about 6 degrees outside. Despite the freezing cold, these guys toughed it out and these three kids were rock stars! We would shoot a few, put coats back on, and repeat about 10 times to get our outdoor shots and they did it with very minimal whining. They were rewarded with ice cream right after :)

I had a ton of fun with these guys!