December 16, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

This weekend was a big deal in my life!
  • My family came into town on Friday and we went out to eat and grocery shopped for my graduation party then I got to meet up with some friends!
  • Started Saturday morning with graduating! No big deal, college is just over. It's bittersweet and I feel like I already miss it. But it's so awesome too! I'm so happy to be a Husker.

  • Went to Ellen's party to celebrate, raved about the cake pops, and then started getting ready for mine.
  • Ate more food than anticipated because it was all too wonderful! 
  • Got to see so many of the people I love in one room and celebrate the end of this chapter of my life!
I can't explain how wonderful of all of my friends and family are. I'm reminded of this all the time. But I got so many unexpected gifts and saw so many awesome faces this weekend.  It was great to be able to celebrate and hang out with all of those people (with a few missing) Thanks to you all!

Obviously there is no way I could ever have graduated without my parents. They have helped me in every single way possible and I could never thank them enough! They are the very best! Love you guys so much.

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