November 25, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

With Thanksgiving break, this weekend felt very long. When in reality I really didn't do anything this (actual) weekend, I did do lots at the end of last week! So here's that...

  • Headed home, went to dinner with my mom, brother, and sisters. Then we all went out in Columbus for what usually ends up being a mini class reunion. The only thing this night does for me is remind me why the only people I want to see are the ones I see regularly!
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with all my family! We're board things usually tend to get pretty intense. This year was full of pickle mustaches, splashing water on your face, and funny terms of endearment for each other for the rest of the day (Schnookie Pie, Snuggle Muffin, Hot Lips Hoolihan, etc.)

  • Went with a few of my family to see my aunt's old house and some of the other ones they own and it ended up being a very emotional, fun, interesting day of exploring. I'll be posting all of them soon!
  • Had to go back to Lincoln :( to work at the hospital. I did make some money though, so that was a good thing. But still hated leaving my family before I even got to help with Christmas decorations!
  • Worked on our final project with Ellen! This means we will get to graduate...despite how much we had to talk ourselves into even thinking about this dumb thing!

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  1. haha what kind of game involves pickle mustaches! we played lots of games too, and it got pretty intense here as well!


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