October 14, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

Fall. It's here. Coming back from Dallas, a place where Fall isn't the same as good old Nebraska, I noticed how much Fall has hit and how much I fall in love with it again every single year.

This weekend...

  • Home for the weekend and worked on so much stuff Friday night. Then started Saturday morning with the 2nd Annual Run, Rock, & Roll with my Dad and Bruce. This race is becoming one of my favorites for sure!
  • Ran errands most of the day Saturday, got to have dinner with my grandparents and continued working on more stuff to make my to-do list much shorter!
  • Sunday started early with a trip to Mahoney State Park for family pictures with Sherman! I can't wait to share those too!
  • Stopped for lunch and then onto the Pumpkin Patch in Gretna. We go every year and it never disappoints. I have an insane amount of love for this place. I have so many pictures that I'll be sharing soon!
  •  Back to Lincoln to finally have some extra time to put my place back together after being gone so much and life being so busy. The real Tristan is nowhere to be found right now. My apartment is a mess and there's so much to do! I'm going crazy!

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