October 12, 2012


Where do I even start about my weekend? Basically, it was one of the best ever.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the I Heart Faces Photography Conference in Dallas this past weekend. All the way back in June I got an email from Amy saying that I won the giveaway for a free ticket to attend the conference. I never win anything! So to win something this big and amazing was really great! I actually considered not going. The whole thought was scary and overwhelming and I knew I was far less experienced than many of the women going. But holy cow am I glad I went. I would've been kicking myself now for sure.

The whole weekend was very surreal. There's so many thoughts in my head about it and I don't even think there are words to describe it. The only one that comes to mind:


Inspiration is every form was surrounding the whole room. It was that feeling where all you want to do is get out and shoot. To create memories and stories that very instant and use all that you're learning while you're learning it.

After the giddiness of meeting Kelle Hampton! She got up to speak and of course had all of us crying with her words. I've been reading her blog for a long time, thanks to my best friend who suggested her after recognizing how much I would love her and her photography. She was spot on. I fell in love. And ended up getting to meet her, talk, hang out with her, and take lots of pictures. You guys, she's so cool.

Everything Kelle said was so perfect for me. She had so many points about her photography and the changes it has gone through. She talked about things like capturing the ordinary, noticing the details, and trying to challenge yourself. Another thing that I really related to was using your camera as bad mood therapy. One of my favorite things to do is to take my camera and just drive. Now I know other people do this too and I'm not crazy :)

I realize even more what I want to capture for others and remember for myself.

The only thing I wrote down while she was talking:

Let go of trying to take beautiful pictures and instead, simply take pictures of beautiful things. 

Everything she said was perfect. I looked at things in a different kind of way and my love for her skyrocketed even more. Plus, she loves yellow just as much as me. And that's awesome.

I chose a Finding the Light workshop with Angie and a Couples workshop with Amy Karp. Both of their workshops were great. It was really fun to work with these people and learn a lot more from the other ladies shooting too.

These kids were hams. They posed, danced, sang, and jumped around.

In case you're wondering, this is what you see all over the place when you attend a photography conference. Cameras and women everywhere. Women taking pictures of women taking pictures of women taking pictures and so on...it's really great.

The rest of the day was filled with meeting so many wonderful women and hearing such great stories. I met some of the greatest people. I learned so many different things from all of them, and not just about photography. It was awesome just to sit and talk and take in all the great tips we were learning together.

Also, Sue Bryce. If you don't know who Sue Bryce is, find out asap. She was one of the best speakers I've heard and everything she said was helpful, hilarious, and awesome. She makes women realize how beautiful they are. Go watch this video if you want to see exactly what she does and how amazing it it. Occasionally during her speech she would say "Sit up tall, chin up" and we all just listened. She knows exactly what to do to make you look wonderful.

Of course, after learning posing tips to make you look beautiful from Sue, we all put them to work the rest of the weekend. "What's big goes back."

Super terrible quality picture, but such fun ladies!
 So much fun!

It's better to have an impossible dream, than no dream at all.

So much inspiration in every part of the room.  

I won't be passing up an opportunity to attend another one of these. I'm feeling so refreshed in my own work and can't wait to use all the new things I learned from so many wonderful people. 

Amy & Angie...you rocked it. I can't wait to experience another one!

I'll leave you with lots of fun pictures from the day.

 Southfork Ranch


  1. Such a fun weekend! I love reading everyone else's interpretations on the weekend. They make me feel not so crazy for have loving it as much as I did! It was great meeting you!

  2. I told you before, but I'll tell you again....I'm so jealous of your trip! I'm also glad you got to go. It's so neat to hear about it and how much inspiration you came back with! Can't wait to see the results! :)


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