September 16, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

Sunday, Sunday. I really didn't sit down at all this weekend. It was packed full!

  • Started Friday out with getting drinks and sitting outside downtown. It's always one of my favorite things to do. Had great talks with Ellen and then went down to meet up with some other friends.
  • Woke up uber early Saturday morning to take Will's senior pictures. Will is Ellen's brother and staying up way too late with her Friday night wasn't the smartest thing we've ever done. But it was worth it for the unbelievable light and location for his pictures in the morning. You should probably go look at them here if you didn't already.

  • Made the walk to Brittne's to meet up with her and then go to the game. This game was much more tolerable than the last and we weren't miserable, plus we won by a lot, so it was a fun one!
  • I woke up Sunday to more newborns at the hospital, it was a quick day. So I headed home to do all the busy work I needed to get done for the week, then to Scooter's to edit all day long! I'm also officially calling it fall, because I wore a scarf, ate autumn colored m & m's (which are the best tasting ever) and had a coffee. Plus, the mornings and nights are cold and the days are warm.
  • Ended Sunday with a shoot with two adorable little kids! 

This week is so full! I'm already ready for next weekend!

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