September 9, 2012

Sunday Night Bullets

This weekend was a crazy busy one and was filled with so much stuff!
  • Friday night started with me, Ellen, and Devin heading down to First Friday and took part in some weird thing where you stuck your head in an opening in the ceiling and watched some clips that can only be described as the movie that was watched in The Ring where you die in seven days. Yeah. Crazy weird stuff. Then we ended up meeting up with some other friends for the night where no other weird things like that happened.
  • Saturday started with work at the hospital and then a visit to my Aunt Peggy at another hospital with my parents. We ran some errands and then went to my brothers for the slightly depressing Husker game. Besides that, there was food, lots of different desserts, and Pitch random firework, so it turned out okay.
 If you're wondering, The DD Duo trumped The Big L's in this intense game of pitch
  • Sunday I watched my Dad in his last Buffalo Run at Pioneers Park. It's one of my favorite races to watch him in for a few reasons. One because it is too hard for me to take part in yet...toooo many hills, and two because it's in a pretty place, it's early morning and the light is always unbelievable, hence the next few pictures. 

  • Went to the hospital for another shift and essentially made $200 in one that's a good thing :)
  • Met back up with my family for lunch and some shopping with my Mama. We got lots of Fall decorations and swooned at Pier One for way too long...obviously. We ended Sunday with a trip to my Mom's favorite place before they headed back home.

One month until the I Heart Faces Photography Conference in Dallas! Right now I can't even remember if I mentioned it on the blog yet, but if you didn't know, I won a ticket to the conference...for free! I just signed up for the workshops I'm taking and I'm so excited to go! The speakers are some of my favorites and that's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most! Hello, Kelle Hampton and Sue Bryce! Plus all the giveaways, all the awesome things we are doing and learning, and all the sweet people I'm going to get to meet and hear! Yeah, just a little excited.

(Excessive exclamation point use in the above paragraph...whoops)

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